Me: *Freaks out over the season premieres of all my TV shows*

Mom: What are you freaking out about?

Me: *Whispers* It has begun. 

"I’m doing badly, I’m doing well, whichever you prefer."

Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena  (via kafkaesque-world)

Oh this

(via unwire)



No photoshop. Just a kitty with HUGE EYES.

The lighting in this photograph is amazing~

Certo che il mio cervello poteva scegliere un’altra canzone da infilarmi appena sveglia che non fosse quella lagna di Tiziano Ferro che piange alla sua età.

Non so neanche come ci sia arrivata da quelle parti.

sometimes things are just…out of your control.


Drink too much coffee, wear lipstick that’s too dark, and never settle for a life you don’t want.